Author: Hannah Dwyer

Homegrown Hoosier

Hoosier pride. Hoosier hospitality. Hoosier homecoming. Growing up in Indiana has given me various opportunities. Indiana is located in the Midwest; easily accessible to the east coast and northern part of North America. Residents of Indiana could be at the Atlantic Ocean in just over 12 hours, and to the Canadian border in a little over 8 hours. Even though… Read more →

Dillinger’s Notorious Run

As the torch passed through Lake County on October 9th and 11th, it also made its way past the John Dillinger Museum located in the Lake County Courthouse in downtown Crown Point, Indiana. John “Jackrabbit” Dillinger is infamous in the county for his ability to escape inescapable prisons. Dillinger was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on June 22, 1903 to a… Read more →

Shipshewana: Past and Present

On Monday, October 3rd, the torch arrived in the third largest Amish and Mennonite community in the United States, LaGrange County, which is home to Shipshewana (3). The first known settlers of Shipshewana were a small band of Potawatomi Indians whose chief was named Shipshewana. The first known white settlers arrived in the 1830s to a lively place full of… Read more →

Origins, Eateries, and Limestone

Unique shops, home cooking, and natural beauty are all located in Brown County, Indiana, which is where the torch will start today on September 20, 2016. The torch will end in Monroe County, which is home to Indiana University. The United States received land in present day Brown County following the Treaty of Fort Wayne in 1809. Another treaty, St.… Read more →

Spencer County: The Hoosier Home of the Lincoln Family

Tomorrow, we visit Spencer, Warrick, and Vanderburgh County to continue on the journey of remembering and celebrating Indiana’s 200th Birthday. Spencer County, which is where the torch will start tomorrow at 10 am (Eastern time), is also where the 16th President of the United States lived during his adolescent years. Abraham Lincoln, along with his father, Thomas Lincoln, mother, Nancy… Read more →